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Nice Pool Game
  23rd May, 2018
There's a nice new pool game available on iOS by @helvetica called Pocket Run Pool. (.com)

People keep asking me on Twitter what it's like, because apparently I'm some sort of super-picky gamer when it comes to Pool games.

My thoughts are that it's a really nice and fully formed "Ball" engine, that feel superb, and doesn't have of the annoying things that I usually tend to pick at when playing a Pool game.
It's almost as if @helvetica's been reading my many rants about rubbish Pool game issues, and has built his game up to avoid many of those bugbears.

View on YouTube

The game isn't "Proper Pool", it's more of an "Arcade Game based on Pool", in that you try to earn as many points as you can using the various onscreen numbers.

You have lives and a score counter, and things add up based on pocket-based bonuses.

It's really quite a nice game, and a nice set of physics, and I'd highly recommend it.

Go pot some!


Why is this on AGameAWeek.com?

Because people online keep asking for my opinion on it, probably based on my 2016 JNKPool prototype that never went anywhere, or the fact that I keep bombarding Team17 with tweets about how they should make a proper ArcadePool for iOS and Switch..

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