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More Bizarre Scaling
  25th May, 2018
OK, now I'm really confused!!


The circle is drawn from X/Y co-ordinates, and the radius is scaled down to half so that the resulting circle fits within the virtual resolution's scaled down area.

.. So why does my character still "hit" the circle, when he's a full screen away from it!?
And that only happens on the 3DS version!!

This game's certainly had it's issues, and once I'm done with it, I'm going to have to retain myself in the rules of scaling and other such mathematical complexities.

But the circular explosions do at least work. I might switch them to being square explosions, though, simply to make things a bit easier, collision-wise.

Today will be about that, then adding a few much-needed alternative objects to keep the game interesting.

I also need to decide whether an Easy/Normal/Hard menu is going to work at all with this game.
Although it seems obvious that "Harder = More evil guys", the result is actually that when there's more guys to bounce on, it actually becomes much easier.
Maybe a hard mode would be LESS evil guys!?!

Experimenting will be needed for this one.

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