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Doodling Mazes
  28th May, 2018
Boy, it's not fun trying to doodle a bunch of mazes for Blockman games.

I HOPE that I'm sticking with the current 25x15 maze size, because having to remake all these maps would drive me slightly crazy.


I created a 25x15 template in SpriteSomething (on iPad) and got scrawling.
I need to ensure that all paths lead somewhere, that the mazes feel big an complex, and that things don't get dull along the way.
The game will take random mazes, add a couple of powerups and then you'll be off.
.. But only once I've drawn all the mazes, first.

Today I need to make a level compressor, then start fiddling about with the actual Blockman movement. Should be a working prototype in a few hours time, and from there it's a case of adding newness without disrupting the original game's style.

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