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Formulating a GUI
  29th May, 2018
The gameplay fits nicely into multiple screen resolutions, but what do I do about the main GUI?


I'm currently considering just cramming it up towards the top of the screen where the usual Score stuff goes.
But in "Blockman Gets", it's good to have the Target and Pills Eaten in a more obvious place.
Unfortunately, when you scale the maze up to fit the screen, the thing tends to fill up a whole lot of it.

I think I need to simplify things a little more, and make the most of the tiny amount of screen space that I have available.

Over on the 3DS things are a lot simpler, as the bottom screen can be used to relay such information, but the desktop version curiously doesn't have that!!!

So, that'll be today's task. Organising, and rejigging, and figuring it all out.

And then I need to decide how to organise levels!!!

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