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Balancing Blockman!
  1st June, 2018
I spent ages yesterday finding the right balance.
Playing Blockman Gets and Blockman Gets More, there's a distinct feeling that something's missing from More.


The overall size of the levels kills the fun of trying to find the right paths. With that in mind, I took what I'd learned and rejigged bits of the new Blockman Gets ("Something") so that it had a feeling much more like the original.

There's less powerups, and the mazes have been tweaked to be just a little less lengthy, and also the targets have been scaled back a little.
It's made the game a teensy bit easier, but then that's the purpose of today... figure out a way to make levels more interesting, and hopefully the game a little more replayable.

I'm still not sure if an unlocking mechanic would work for this game, and with only a few days left to code it, there's probably not enough time to find out!

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