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Still no "Arcade"
  2nd June, 2018
I spent most of yesterday trying, over and over, to get the regular standard mode to feel right.
After hours (literally hours!) of playtesting, I'm fairly sure now that the basic levels are at least mostly beatable.


Late last night, I found myself wondering if I should build a quick behind-the-scenes level runner, to ensure everything's doable.
I think that'll probably be today's task, as the game feels like it needs a little more testing than I can do by hand.

As such, Arcade mode will more than likely be dropped, as I don't really have enough time to attempt to tackle both things at once.
I might still add a couple of Arcade elements into the main game, though, just to keep things a little more interesting.

So, that's today's task.
Creating an AI player!!

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