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Pathfinder Project
  2nd June, 2018

I've got a quick pathfinder working on Blockman Gets "Something", now, so all levels should be bearable, with targets that make sense and are indeed possible.
Might be insanely hard to find that path, but I'm fairly confident that it's working the way it oughta be.


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I also had to jiggle the level loader a little, for 3DS, but you won't be able to tell, as it does most of the pathfinding during the initial "level drop" effect.

As well as that, I added in one-way paths, but haven't yet added any more Arcade elements.
I'd still really like to put the ghosts back in, but right now I'm struggling to figure out how to add that element to the pathfinder.
Could be tricky!
The laptop's now on charge. There's been a lot of compiling, today!

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