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Not Much...
  7th June, 2018
Yesterday was all about planning, as I took a few important steps towards recoding the framework to work with Metal.

Lots of little chunks of ideas, setting aside methods and preparing to sit and do the coding.
The intention was to get everything ready and then spend last night actually sat at the Mac getting things up and running.

I was ready to get going, so headed upstairs for "Evening Session" coding time, and then...


.. Then I remembered it's Wednesday, and I needed some YouTube stuff for this week's SoCoder Newsletter, and so I instead sat watching hundreds of stupid YouTube clips trying to compile a nice big list of garbage.

There are some weeks, like this week, when I really should set aside the Newsletter and instead focus on the task at hand, but if I'm honest, my brain needed the shift in focus.
Doing 24-hour coding can be bad for your health, you know!

So, today will be more of the same, but hopefully without any nasty YouTube interfering with the plan.
I'll do some more reading, formulate a plan, then sit in front of the Mac and see if it all works out.

And maybe look into Tilemaps whilst I'm at it, because that definitely got sidelined, yesterday!

.. Pretty much the same, then.

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