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In order to repair...
  7th June, 2018

...you must first, Break EVERYTHING!!!


The image shows the XCode debugger output. What you can???t see is the window.
That???s because, there IS no window.
There's currently no output other than the basic debugger, and that's ok!
At least it's running, even if I can???t see it running.

This is with the barebones of "import Metal Library" implemented into the code, so I can at least assume that I can safely continue on this path.

From here, I need to learn how to create a window/context, (and allow resizing, and full screen) then load an image and draw that image onto the screen.
Once those basics are working, the rest should be mostly taken care of by simply copy and pasting, then slightly tweaking, the old OpenGL code. Or at least, that???s how the 3DS code worked out, so I???m hoping this version will be just as easy to put together.

That really did take a lot longer than expected, though..

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