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  8th June, 2018
At the same time as I'm trying to get the Mac/iOS Metal stuff to work, I'm also trying out lots of techniques for tilemaps on 3DS.


It seems really odd that I can't have a nice, fast, steady tilemap on the system that's supposedly "better" than the previous Original DS, and yet I can't even get a simple tilemap to whizz about on the screen.

Today will be attempt #2378, and will involve drawing to the buffer.. Something that I didn't get around to properly trying out, yesterday.

My own silly fault, as I spent most of the day trying to figure out the Mac side of things.
It can be rather difficult trying to do two drastically different things at the same time!

I'm also finding myself wondering if, perhaps, I should strip down the Windows code and attempt to make it work in DirectX instead. That could, conceivably, end up working a little better, much like the Metal on the Mac. I might attempt that, later.

For now, Tiles and Mac. That'll do!!

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