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A Week Off - Results
  11th June, 2018
That's the end of my "Week Off"
Let's have a look at what I accomplished.


Sub-Project #1 : Tilemaps

Aim : Try to speed up the tilemap drawing on the 3DS so that a new JNKPlat will run a little smoother.

Completion : 0%
Although I attempted about 6 or 7 different methods over the course of the week, it seems that my original code is pretty much rock solid, and I'm not going to be getting things running any smoother than I already am.
There's a couple of "Maybe" ideas in there, but I'm pretty confident that they'll also cause massive memory-limit issues, which I'm already having enough of an issue with.
Instead, then, JNKPlat will have to go in a slightly different direction.
Quite what that'll be, I'm not sure, but it'll more than likely involve scrolling.

Sub-Project #2 : Metal-on-Mac

Aim : To get my framework running on Metal, so that it's vaguely more futureproof on Mac and potentially runs on iOS, too.

Completion : 0%
I've not been as focused on this as I probably should've, since I was doing an awful lot of 3DS coding, this week, but essentially I keep trying to get "Graphical Layer" to connect to Metal.
But Metal is all the way at the top of the chain, and my "Graphical Layer" is beneath everything else.. My game's code, the framework's code, the engine's code, and lastly the graphical code..
I can quite easily send information, pointers and other data down the chain, but it seems that in this case, the bottom-most layer will need to be able to feedback and interact directly with the Metal layer, which is all the way up at the top..

I'm not 100% sure how to efficiently work back up the chain of code/layers within c++/Obj-C, and that's what's been the roadblock so far.

I think a better way would be to rework the entire framework so that the graphical layer can exist right up at the top, and interact with Metal in a much better manner.

And that's going to take WAY more than a week!!

So, for now, I'm going to stop trying to focus on it, and instead leave it as a background project.
I'll get back to proper AGameAWeek again, this week.

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