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  11th June, 2018
I've often wondered about stats like this, so today I built a quick little took to make a little stat list for me.

(55%) 499 3DSBrew
(17%) 158 Windows
(14%) 132 Linux
(11%) 106 MacOSX

Downloads (since May 1st) of games created using my new C++ Framework.


895 downloads total (is that all?!)
Over half of those are the 3DS homebrew editions.
More importantly, the Mac and Linux downloads seem to be fairly well aligned with the Win downloads, which is somewhat surprising to me.

As for the actual games..

(16%) 151 Franken_Hopper
(16%) 149 Blockman_Gets_Retro
(14%) 132 On_a_Space_Shooting_Trail
(14%) 134 Micro_Clampett
(12%) 115 Roland_Eats_a_Stale_Biscuit
(09%) 88 Squashly_Boop
(09%) 85 Bungee_Stars
(04%) 41 Slithering_Waters

Interesting to see Franken Hopper being so popular. I didn't personally think it was one of the highlights of the year, so far, but.. Can't argue with stats!!

Thanks to everyone who's downloaded so far.
I hope you've enjoyed what there is, and will be excited by the games yet to come!!

Note : These are only stats that I have from this server. Stats from GameJolt and Itch.io are difficult to get, mostly because I'd have to faff about digging through each and every game's stats, one by one, and .. really, who could be bothered!?!

Note 2 : Percentages may be slightly wonky due to rounding!

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