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Balancing the Crazy Bats
  15th June, 2018
This week's game is currently alarmingly difficult.
With all the little bats floating around inside the cramped space, it can be extremely difficult to make simple moves without getting caught out.


I think the problem might be too many bats, so today I'll juggle about with the "rarity" of them, adding limits to the numbers that appear onscreen at once, and then seeing if it makes the game any more playable or not.

Mechanic wise, the game feels more or less as I'd like it to be, but the sheer difficulty is currently a little overwhelming.
Hopefully I can find a nice balance between keeping it tricky, but also not making it too hard.

The idea of having "Levels" is out the window, though, as the level itself respawns as the game goes on. It's quite a nice flow of gameplay, actually, and really works well.
Just .. Those darn bats!!

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