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Uploading Day
  16th June, 2018
I got all of the compiles done, late last night, but was too tired to then upload everything, so that'll be today's task.
Uploading isn't so easy, nowadays, as I've oodles of places to upload to.

Here, GameJolt, Itch.io, and then crossposting links to SoCoder and GBATemp, each one with their own set of images that need posted, and other such gubbins.


Once posted, it's time to start thinking about the next project.
I'd love to start an all-new SpikeDislike, but before I attempt that I really need to get iOS (and the new MetalMac) framework operational.
Since I'm posting this game a little earlier than usual, I might spend the next couple of days trying to figure that out, again.
Stupid Metal. Grrr!!

So, yeah, uploading.
The game (NeoPlat Blast) should be ready to play in about an hour or so, give or take.

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