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What Comes Next?
  17th June, 2018
Someone over on the GBATemp forums mentioned Centipong being one of their favourites of my DS Homebrew collection.

To be honest, I never did solve the "What Comes Next" issue with that.


Every so often, my mind returns to the original concept of Centipong.

The initial plan was to take a trip through all kinds of retro gaming landscapes, with you and your bat'n'ball smashing everything up as you went along.
The first level I made was Centipede, and .. Then I stopped, because that level was SO much fun!

I keep considering how other levels might've played, but nothing I can come up with seems to be anywhere near as much fun as the chaotic, frantic insanity, of all of the flying Pods.

I suppose that's a good thing to have to deal with, but it doesn't really lend itself well to anything more than that.


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