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18th June 2018
After the release of each game, an influx of wonderful feedback is submitted by the players.

Let's take a look at what RSKGames thought of NeoPlat Blast!

You can Download NeoPlat Blast here.


Overview: The player has infinite number of bombs which he can use to break the platforms and kill the bats that gets released from the breaking platforms. Only way to lose a life is to come in contact with the bats.


The game's a bit of an oddity, in that it's not quite standard NeonPlat, but it's not NeoPlatDS, either. It's something slightly new, and it's a fun little addition.

Gameplay: As long as there were 1 or 2 bats I was able to plan and get some kind of strategy working for killing the bats and blowing up the blocks without losing any life. But once there are many bats and fewer horizontal blocks to fall on, it became a pure luck not to lose any life. Wasting the bombs without killing any bats leads to more bats and faster end of game. If the game was broken into levels with specific goals like blow up these many blocks and kill some number of bats then I might have liked the gameplay a bit more.

I did consider splitting things up a little more. NeoPlat DS considers the blocks to be "A Level", and when you clear them all, you'd move onto the next. It was all about the blocks.

I had that game's main issue stuck in my head, though, when making this.
In the original, when you got down to the last couple of blocks onscreen, you ended up falling endlessly, desperately trying to reach them, and it all looked (and felt) more than a little silly.

This time, I made the blocks respawn, but during development it no longer felt "Level"'y any more.
Honestly, it never once occurred to me that I could've set a "Baddie-Kills" target! That seems almost obvious, now that you've mentioned it.

Perhaps another future NeoPlat might make use of such a thing.

Graphics: Player and bats neon graphics is very good. Liked the bats flying animation.

All sprites are either from NeonPlat (the characters) or NeoPlatDS (the blocks)
This is very much an "Asset Flip!", with a bit of chunky coding to make it into a game!!

Music: The background music very catchy, has a good melody sequence in it.

Again, more NeonPlat goodness, although I did at least redo the entire music in KORG Gadget. The original mod is much more "chippy", but it's the same melody, more or less.

Overall: A good looking game with great music.

Glad it was at least enjoyable, during the less chaotic parts!

You can Download NeoPlat Blast here.
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