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Online Scoreboards
  19th June, 2018
Yesterday, as I watched the empty scoreboards once more, I decided it was probably about time I "switched them on" properly.


Note : In order to activate online scores on my recent games, hop into the options screen, and Enter Your Name.


The reason the option is relegated to the options screen is basically so that I could double check my server's abilities before allowing all these new games to do that. Given the sheer volume of players (I'm fairly convinced it's not just me and RSKGames playing these things!) it'd be good to know the server could cope before murdering it with all the numbers flying back and forth.

I spent most of the day rejigging bits of the framework so that, after your first "Game Over", the "Enter Your Name" screen will appear.
If you dismiss it, it'll stay hidden (back in the Options menu) until the next time you quit and reload the game, and will stay hidden if you've entered your name.

This means that for all future games the name option will be much more apparent, and will hopefully lead to more players popping up on the leaderboards.

I then reattempted to understand how to do the same thing on 3DS. I'm slightly tempted to leave it out, but I know how much more fun it is seeing online scores in the games.
I might, however, set up a secondary set of scores for 3DS players, since some of the games play with different timings, and with scaling issues, and other such differences that will effect the scores.

As an example, I'm regularly getting scores of over 10,000 on the 3DS edition of Squashly Boop, whilst on desktop I can barely reach 3,000!
The 3DS version has a bit more visibility to it, and tends to play slightly differently, even though it's the exact same code that's running!

Scaling is mostly the reason, but there are other "tweaks" I've had to make to various games, in order to keep them all working on the 3DS.


When I woke up, this morning, I received the following tweet from @RSKGames.

Player name needs to be moved to the front menu from the config screen. Without the name none of the online scoreboard integration is being used.

LOL! That's a great idea


The much larger decision is, of course, whether to retrofit this tweak to all the older games.

That means uploads.. Lots and lots of uploads.. .. Hmmm...

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