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Day Three
  20th June, 2018
Today is day three of getting the house repointed, and it's really not helping my code-mood in the slightest.


Yesterday was spent attempting several things.
I tried to work on the 3DS Online Leaderboards, but gave up an hour later, having accomplished nothing.
I tried to work on this week's game, and gave up after an hour having drawn a single (one!!) sprite.
I tried to work on a piece of music, but that didn't even make it anywhere near an hour before I gave up on that.

Really, it's all been a bit of a waste.

As the repointing continues, and there's all manner of devices whizzing around, and noise all over the house, my coding brain seems to want to give up completely.
It doesn't help that my post-op brain seems to amplify everything, and it sort of echoes around in my head quite a bit.

Bah, humbug..
Today, I'll try my best to concentrate, but I'm not very hopeful.

Might be another skipped week, this week.

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