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Still Slow
  21st June, 2018
The repointers are nearly done with the larger side wall, and will be starting on the back wall either later today, or tomorrow.
The noise is still echoing through my head, and I'm still finding it extremely difficult to code.
But it's nearly over.

Unfortunately, game code is still coming along at a slow pace.


I started work on a new puzzle game, yesterday.
The traditional "Join the points" sort of thing, but one that'll need a bunch of levels.
With that in mind, I started to build a level generator.
I'm going to need it to build a large variety of levels, ranging from a few simple "tutorial" style things, and then ramping up to insanely difficult, so that the game is worth playing.

Unfortunately, getting the thing up to insanely difficult levels will probably take a fair amount of fiddling, so I'm not expecting this game to appear, this week.

There's been a lot of 2-week projects, this year.

Maybe I should rename the site to AGameEveryCoupleOfWeeks.com?

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