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Today : Artsy Jay
  22nd June, 2018
I need to come up with a nice concept for the art style of this week's game.
Hopefully I can easily manage to do bog-standard sprite recolouring on the actual "path" tiles, but I'll have to draw all the different angles and things, for the turns they could take .. Urgh..
At least they're only one-way paths, and won't do crossovers or anything like that. That would be extra complicated!


Once those are done, it's time to start work on the game.
The game itself shouldn't be too hard to get to work, but I'm not sure how to do a quick and easy restart, and maybe even have an undo or two.
The actual gameplay itself is mostly determined already, as building the level generator has already given me enough rules that I need to follow.
The player can step on the "blocks", but not the "paths"!!
I'll need to illustrate that, somehow, in the sprites.
I'm guessing maybe adding electrical sparks or something, would probably help to show that. .. Maybe!

Meanwhile, I'll set the level generator off, building a bunch of levels, and attempt to give them scores of difficulty, and organise them into a nice set.

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