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Ordered a New Watch...
  24th June, 2018

I have NO IDEA how it happened, but at some point yesterday, the face on my Misfit Phase cracked.
I must've hit it, or something, but I really can't remember doing that.


A replacement is now winging it's waay from Amazon, and should be here tomorrow.

The Misfit Phase (Black or Navy Blue) is currently available on Amazon UK for only £42, (It's £85 on MisFit's own site) so it's quite a bargain.
It runs from a simple watch-cell battery, and can last for approximately 6 months straight.. .. If you don't break the sodding face inbetween!!

Highly recommended, except for this ever so slight design flaw...

Maybe it's better if I do that "wear it under the wrist instead of over it" thing, but then I have a big clunky watchface under my wrist whilst trying to type.

|update| New watch is in the house, and on my wrist! |update|



Today I'm going to be playing with the level generator to see if I can get it to come up with slightly more difficult levels.
The levels it's making aren't "bad", but they're all a little bit bland in their solutions.
I'm not sure what the best way to make more difficult levels might be, but I've a couple of little tweaks in mind that may help.

Oh, and it still needs a name!

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