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No, Hard Drive.. Not now!!
  28th June, 2018
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Well, that doesn't sound right!!


Windows Explorer started acting odd, yesterday, to the point where the Start Menu wouldn't pop up.
I tried the usual "Crash explorer using Task Manager" trick, but that didn't do anything useful.
Instead, then, I opted to do a complete shutdown and reboot.
Windows appeared to close properly, and the usual Black Screen "Pretending to be shut down" occurred.

And then, the above sound.. For about 2 or 3 minutes.

.. That's not good!
Is a year and a half a good amount of time for a hard drive?! I certainly don't think so. But then, given the whole "AGameAWeek" thing, it's probably not surprising that I'm killing these things off at an alarming rate.

This is the third laptop that's died from Hard Drive related causes, and I'm slightly worried that it might very well be all the compiling that's doing it!
I'm now wondering whether an SSD would be a good idea.
On the one hand, faster = better, right!?
But on the other hand, given the sheer volume of Hard Drives I've managed to kill in a short amount of time, I'm not so sure that an SSD would cope with my power-usage.


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