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ZenPop Noodle Box - June 2018 - 6
  28th June, 2018
Last month, I subscribed to the ZenPop Ramen selection.
The box appears, then over the coming weeks, I review each of the noodles.
Last month's collection can be found in this SoCoder Thread, but I figured it might be something entertaining to crosspost here, too.

Noodle Six


Looks Like...

Tastes Like..

Very lemony.
Tasted almost exactly like Nik Nak Scampi and Lemon.
It's nice enough, but my post-op tastebuds are adverse to lemon, so I really didn't enjoy it as much as I should've.

The odd grey splodges were kinda spongy. Not really sure what they were supposed to be, but I certainly wouldn't describe them as Chicken Meatballs!!

Rating : 2/5 - Not too bad, to be honest, but a bit too much lemon for me.

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