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  29th June, 2018
What kind of baddies attack a fridge?!
What would be the arch rival of a chiller cabinet!??!


I'm currently considering drawing a bunch of fruit. Maybe even EVIL fruit, with weaponry.

Really, I have no idea why this game is turning out the way it is!
For all intents and purposes, this game could EASILY be a SpikeDislike spin-off, but my mind's telling me to go in a different direction.

Maybe it's all the heat.. We're not used to this, in Britain.
Summer has extended beyond its usual 3 day season, so much so that giant grass fires have kicked off in the surrounding area.
I think this may be having a strange effect on my usual game-making abilities.

Aw well, roll with it, I guess.

Time to draw some Evil Fruit!

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