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New Laptop
  30th June, 2018
The new laptop was supposed to be arriving today, giving me yesterday to finish off most of the important pieces of this week's game.
Instead, the new laptop turned up yesterday, meaning I pretty much wasted the entire day playing Mr Reinstaller.


Everything pretty much seems to be running the way it should be, but I'll only know for sure once I've posted the next game, and whether it'll run for all the players.
Hopefully it all worked out OK, although there were a couple of snags along the way, requiring me to .. "play" with the installation of C++ a little, before it would compile.

The keyboard layout on the new lappy is ever so slightly different, as is seemingly always the case nowadays.
The backslash key isn't between the Left Shift and Z key like it normally is, and is instead on the complete opposite side of the keyboard between Right Alt and Left Arrow key.
The Return key, meanwhile, has been reduced to a single line, with the # key taking up the space that's usually reserved for the upper portion of Return. This has already caused a multitude of random #'s in my typing.
Also, I'm not 100% convinced that the actual number keys are exactly where they should be. My fingers keep missing them slightly, so I think they might be at an odd offset or something. They "look" right, but touch typing is having issues..

But thankfully, there's still a numpad.

So, all the website/gamedev files are copied over to the new lappy, from the NAS, and I was able to post this morning's Pixelart without a hitch. This requires Paintshop Pro 7 for cut+pasting the new pixelart icon, Programmer's Notepad 2 for editing the xml, A self-coded exe to manage the various files, and FileZilla to upload everything via FTP.
As far as I can tell, everything's pretty much good to go, and should be alright to continue with the Fridge game, later today.

Just a few more system tweaks to make, old settings to manage, and a few other apps to reinstall, but .... Yeah..

Might be a late game, this week, though!!

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