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Unexpected Game
  7th July, 2018
I wasn't expecting to release this week's game so early, but then I suddenly remembered I'd bought a new laptop!!


Amazing how fast you can forget, when all around is AGameAWeek!
But, yes, I've had to move everything and practically restart, so I imagine there may be a few "kinks" in the compile path.
Pretty much the only compilation that should still be the same is the MacOS one.
Windows is a complete reinstall of the devkit.
3DS is a complete reinstall of the devkit.
And Linux 32 and 64 bits are ALSO complete reinstalls.

Given all of that, I felt it probably a good idea to release a little earlier than normal, and if there are any compiler based issues with any of the versions, folk can let me know, and I'll have time to fix and tweak them.

As such, yesterday was all a bit of a rush.
Finishing off the bits for the trailer, but it's still not what I would like. .. More to do.
Finishing off the game, and doing the logos and the screenshots and the compiles and such.
And then all of the uploading and posting and whatnot.

Quite a lot to cram into a single day, if I'm honest, and it's left me feeling like I need a couple of powernaps, today.

So, I'll probably go and do that, now!

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