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A Lovely Sunny Day
  8th July, 2018
Took a bit of a rest period, yesterday, and enjoyed the sun.
Of course, with the football on, I needed something to take my mind off it, and so spent a couple of hours fixing up more posts in the archive of the blog.


I'm now up to page 630 of.. 5,544.. That's grown, I'm sure it was only 4,800 when I started this!!
Bah, I'm never going to catch up, at this rate.

But as I continue, the amount of tweaks necessary are becoming less and less. As I learned of WordPress's many flaws (at the time), I did my best to work around them.
Now any quotes that I'd posted are actually showing up in the database, which is extremely handy.

Today I should really decide on the next game.

I'm currently looking at Microbes/DiscBlaster, and wondering if I should remake it as-is, or do something different and a bit more .. Moving!
Microbes is nice, and all, but they're all rather static.

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