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ZenPop Noodle Box - June 2018 - 9
  10th July, 2018
Last month, I subscribed to the ZenPop Ramen selection.
The box appears, then over the coming weeks, I review each of the noodles.

This will likely be the last of the ZenPop Noodles that I cross-post here, mostly because the views have been minimal, and nobody seems all that interested!! No point clogging up the blog with my munchies, when I have all these games to blog about.
If you want to read about future Noodles, keep an eye on the SoCoder Thread instead, where I've another 4 months worth of these boxes to come

If you want me to continue cross-posting the Noodles here, be sure to let me know in the comments, below.

Noodle Nine : End of the Line


Last Noodle of the current box, and it looks not entirely unlike a Muller Corner!

Looks Like

Tastes Like

Very dry.
You have to strain it, and THEN add the freeze dry veggies, so they remain mostly uncooked, which is a strange experience. The bit of oil helps quite a lot, resulting in nicely slimy noodles, but there's still the occasional odd lump in it!
Also, since the noodles are strained, there's no drinky/slurpy bit at the end.

Flavour wise, I'm really not sure what it was meant to be. It certainly did taste salty and peppery, but other than that.. I've no idea what flavour it was aiming for!

Rating : 3/5. My mouth's all oily, Now..

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