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Finding the Game
  15th July, 2018
I've found it!!


Hiding behind the absolute chaos of the hundreds of spawning enemies, there was indeed a game lurking.

The addition of enemy bombs has helped improve things quite significantly, and I'm finally at the stage where I'm now "playing" the game, trying to beat my previous score.

Up until about an hour ago, I was playing a bland and uninteresting thing with colours, but now that the gameplay's finally appeared, I can get around to finishing things off and making a complete game.

Now I need only..
1. Add a couple of powerups
2. Get the "Swarms" to be more apparent.
3. Build up the enemy difficulty, as they're all currently "one hit to kill", but need to grow in difficulty as the game progresses.
4. Add a colourchange, and extra "stuff" to the background, for variety.
5. Record footage for trailer
6. Name the bloomin' game!!
7. Screenshots, icons, logo, etc..

Maybe tomorrow?!
I think I'm still on schedule!!

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