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572 - The Plan
  16th July, 2018
Over at GBATemp, user ZeldaPlayer67 asks..

Could you make a splatoon like game next where you compete with a cpu to color as much as you can within a certain time i would love that!


The idea has, as per usual, fermented away and I made a start on building a fairly simplistic level generator, tonight.

The plan is to have the two bases at random points in the map, as well as Bonus Hub objects strategically placed throughout.

I'm currently planning on having the characters be balls, and when the ball rolls onto a tile of the map, the tile is coloured that of the ball.
Gameplay will be a case of rolling around, colouring the map, and occasionally knocking each other off the map, into oblivion.

Bonus Hubs will be used for powerups of a sort. I've a couple in mind, already, which is unusual for me!

Anyway, that's the plan in my head. Kinda..
No idea how well that'll work.
It actually sort of reminds me of MadBalls on the CPC, although whether that's a good or bad thing.. ? Hmm...


For the record, I'm not really sure WHY I hadn't previously considered using the game's internal numbers to refer to indev projects, but since starting to do that, it's made things a heck of a lot easier!!

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