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Framework Continuation
  17th July, 2018
Always evolving, the Framework needs more Scoreboard tweaking.

I was hoping to get this done, over the past week, but the Radial Warning complications and lack of gameplay, ended up shifting my focus.


Much as @RSKGames suggests, it would probably be better to submit scores to the online scoreboard with or without an entered name. So I'm going to attempt that later on today.
I need to double check my "System isn't online/the website's dead" timeout code quite a bit, though, to ensure the games don't hang when the online scoreboards aren't accessible.

As well as that, I need to display some sort of default "No Name", and I think I'll probably stick with "No Name", as trying to come up with a silly name generator would probably lead to a bunch of issues along the way. ("Your game called me Bob, but I'm a girl!", etc)
Suggestions for a better default name are welcome.

I'll probably try to get as much of that working, today, as I can.


Other than that, I'm currently trying to figure out where I can put the 3DS-TitleDB QR Codes.
These are available for any homebrew game that's registered on the TitleDB website, for easy 3DS download/install access via the Homebrew 3DS's FBI program.

The QR Codes are additionally available as a quick and easy method to link to the downloads. Grab your 3DS, run the FBI installer, point the 3DS at the QR Code, and bingo. Download and install, sorted.

But where to place those codes without making the game pages look even more cluttered? I'm not too sure.

Might need to consider adding a popup, or such! Eeek!!

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