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A Plan in Action
  17th July, 2018

Spent a long time today fighting over how the control should work for our little Ball player.


Direct movement seemed to work well enough, at first, but in the end I opted for Momentum based movement, since I'm going to want balls to smash into each other, and that requires a teensy bit of physics to keep everything flowing as you'd expect.

Now the ball is rolling around the maze in a decent manner, but there are still a LOT of deaths involved, so I'm going to have to keep tweaking the control scheme until everything flows to a decent "playability" standard.

Next will be drawing a couple of balls, and hoping I can get them to look nice onscreen, before starting work on the AI player.
The AI's going to have to be super-complicated to make this game worth the effort, and quite how I'll be coping with that, I've no idea..

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