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Further Tweakage
  18th July, 2018
Seems like @RSKGames has helped to uncover the reason the leaderboards are so bloomin' empty.


The network connection is apparently timing out a little bit "too" quickly, so nothing's getting uploaded to the server.
I tried to make is as small as I could, as it's not threaded, so ends up stalling the game during the "Game Over" screen. But.. Seemingly it's a wee bit too small!

For this week's game, I'll try upping the timeout a little more, and see if that helps.

If it does.. Then I'll have to decide if I'm going to go back and recompile a whole bunch of games, with the latest framework, and all the fixings that have come since.. Which I'm not looking forward to, but it's probably for the best!!

I've also been considering uploading a collection of 2018 games so far, in a nice bundle, so having to recompile them all might end up being worth it, assuming I'm doing that..
I'm not sure.

We'll see!!

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