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Now 100
  20th July, 2018
100 NOW compilations, and what do we get?!
Track Listing
That's a bit of a shit selection, isn't it..?

I mean, I can understand why they did that. Every NOW needs to have modern tracks, and this one additionally has to celebrate the past.

.. But.. Really..
Would it have killed them to have got a selection of modern artists to rerecord the original track listing of the original NOW 1?
That's what I'd've done.

*sigh* What a wasted opportunity.



Last night I got a fair amount of enemy AI working for the ball's-in-a-maze game. The AI's still falling off the maze fairly often, so it needs a bit more tweaking, but at least it roughly knows where it's going, and can usually get there after 3 or 4 attempts!

Today I'll set about adding bases into the game, which the player should attempt to trigger in order to "Claim" that area of the map.

I'll add those in, and then set about trying to get the AI to battle its way there, before the player get a chance.

As for the "bouncing", that's not been added yet. I figured I'd give the AI a fair chance at trying to do things, before I go launching it off the map!!

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