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Balancing Trick
  21st July, 2018
I think I've got the enemy ball AI working to a moderately decent degree, but of course I can't be 100% sure until the rest of the game is coded, and I'm actually facing him as an enemy.

Most of the day's coding was focused on making the enemy do corners a little better. Even with padded out corners, it was still managing to fall into the abyss much more than I'd like.

In the end, I got it balanced reasonably well. It still frequently plummets to its death, but then so does my own player, since it's all a little bit crazy when it gets going!!


Today I need to code the collision physics between the two balls, which should be easy enough, and then add the additional "posts" around the level for player to aim for. And then hopefully get the AI player to aim for those, too!

From there, I need to work out a scoring mechanic. I've had one in mind since the start of this project, but I'm unsure about how well it'll balance when players are on slower systems, since it'll be timer based.

I might, then, make the timer run at the speed of the game, rather than realtime, so that if the player's running on a slower system, everything slows down proportionately, and fairly, as far as the online scores are concerned.

That would be very old-skool in its methodology, but I think it'd probably be the best way to keep the scoring fair across all targets.

So, yeah, loads to work on, today. To be honest, with all the AI work I did yesterday, I'm quite a bit behind in the rest of the game.


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