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Sunday Panic
  22nd July, 2018
Still oodles to do on this week's game, and it's already Sunday, but it is at least coming together.


I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out the best scoring methodology. With a few nips and tucks, things seem to be working out ok, although my result is varying wildly between differing plays. Even with the level layout being exactly the same, the difference is still there.

I guess that makes things more interesting, perhaps?!

Today I'll be adding the extra bits into the mix, and then I need to do the trailers, screenshots, logo, etc..

I could probably also do with a different name. It was originally codenamed "Splodgeball", which I still think is a great name, but there's no paint, and everything is based on clicky tiles on the floor, so there really isn't any "Splodge" to speak of.
.. Ho hum..

Anyhoo, lots to do.

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