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You have a Mac, Jay...
  23rd July, 2018
I was doing the compiles for this week's game late last night, and as I sat in front of the Mac I figured I might as well try to do the trailer on there.


In previous weeks, I've been using OpenShot on the PC, but it's been gradually getting less and less usable, even in such a short amount of time.
Instead, then, I copied the screen captured video files, the music, and the few little captions, over to the NAS drive.
I've always known that the Mac is infinitely superior when it comes to editing video footage, but I was amazed at how it's even perfectly usable when the files are still sat on the NAS, and not even on the Mac itself.
It still powered on through, the editing was simple to do, all the little buttons in iMovie worked when clicked instead of 2 seconds later, and the preview swiftly plodded along without a hitch.
And then the render happened without hearing a gigantic fan whizzing away for the entire duration.

The Mac I'm using is a fairly barebones MacMini from 2015.. 8Gb Ram, i5 processor, Intel Iris graphics, and is barely ever used other than as a compile-box.
I used nothing magical to edit my video. The simple iMovie app that came with the Mac was all that was needed.

A reminder to myself, and all, if one was needed. If you're video editing, use a Mac!
I've told myself this numerous times, but last night made it all the more clear.

View on YouTube

.. Unfortunately, the trailer looks as dull as dishwater, but that's more down to how the game looks than the Mac's abilities!

But I'm sure you can see that "floating" captions work, transitions work, credits are editable in the video editor instead of faffing about with an external image, and I've even stumbled across my old "AGameAWeek over a Starfield" intro, too.
Yes indeedy..

Now I just need to make a better looking game, so that my videos look better!

Release : Once I've uploaded it all..
Should be ready to go in about an hour or so.

Cost of MacMini
Incidentally, I just checked my receipt, and when I bought it in 2015 it only cost £569. The exact same model today (Seriously, they haven't upgraded these, at all, in 3 years?!) is now £679. So.. Not only has the technology obviously come down in price over the years, but Apple's inexplicably made it MORE expensive.. Because.... .. *shrugs*

Oh, Apple!!!

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