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2018 - 14 - Might of the Balls
  23rd July, 2018

Two balls in a maze! What could possibly go wrong?


The Brief

The clock starts, and the grid of fresh.
Roll over a tile to switch it to your colour. The one with the most, once the time is up, wins the round!
You'll score points for every second that passes, as long as you have more tiles than your opponent, so be sure to use the four spray-tiles to help you.

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- Roll your ball

How Not to Lose

Keep a healthy number of tiles ahead of your opponent, and your score will grow.
Points will be deducted if you've got less than your opponent, and you'll also lose a ton of points if you fall off the maze, so .. Don't do that!!

What I Didn't Do

I spent SO much time working on the AI for this game, that the graphics are as barebones and functional as they could possibly be.
The trailer for this game looks absolutely bloomin' awful as a result.

I know I should've worked harder, but realistically it's a flamin' ball in a maze, and there's not an awful lot I could do to improve that..
But even so a few textured backgrounds and world effect would've gone a long way.
Ho hum..

Additionally, I had a whole bunch of powerups in mind, like a "Paint the Tiles" powerup that would leave permanent trails behind you, and a couple of bombs to destroy bits of the floor.
Ultimately I didn't use those, though.
Time has NOT been a friend, this week!!

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