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23rd July 2018
As each game is released, so begins the influx of feedback from players.

Let's see what @RSKGames thinks of a bland looking ball in a bland looking maze!

You can Download Might of the Balls here.


Overview: Roll the ball and color more tiles than the AI opponent within the given time limit without falling of the edges.

Easily one of the least interesting descriptions of recent months!
This game is certainly not the best selling point for AGameAWeek.


Gameplay: The game goals look easy enough but without the 4 spray tiles to help it is very difficult to win each level. The AI opponent is fair and doesn't come after you to push you out. Some cases I have seen it avoid the player. AI also doesn't cheat by knowing all the spray tiles ahead of each level and going after them specifically like a human player would do. AI ball also falls of the edges then and then so overall the game is balanced towards the player winning the levels.

I spent a fair amount of time trying to get the AI player to "feel" like it was a fair player. It can still be incredibly dumb at times, though, and I've caught it sitting having a rest a couple of times, too! .. Not sure why that is!
But otherwise it seems competent enough to be a decent enemy player.

Ball movement and bouncing of the AI is done very well. Somehow after playing this game I thought of last years game ''RollyBlob'' which is way more difficult than this game.

Yeah, it's a nice companion game.
Actually RollyBlob looks somehow better than this one does.
Perhaps I zoomed in a little too close?

Graphics: The game main menu screen background looks great. The water color art style effect of the balls and backgrounds suits the game well. The constellation names for the levels are a nice touch.

Glad you knew what those were! I wasn't happy with "Maze 1->10" so pondered what I could name them as for quite a while. A quick google for "List of star names" helped immensely!
As for the ingame graphics, they're a bit "functional".. They're not the best.

Sound and Music: The background score is very good to hear. The sounds play important role in this game. When I hear the AI player taking more spray tiles I restart the level.

Ya big cheat
Incidentally, I called those "spray tiles", but that doesn't really make any sense, given the tiles light up, and aren't actually sprayed.
.. A leftover from the very beginning of the project, when the game was called "Splodgeball"

Overall: A fun game with a good AI opponent and smooth gameplay.

.. shame about the look of it!
Once you're "into" the game, you lose sight of the fact that it looks so plain and dull, but it really doesn't work well as a YouTube trailer.

Would like to play the Rollyblob game without the smoke enemies.

But maybe not straight away. Having two "Ball on a grid" games, so close to each other, might not be so great!

You can Download Might of the Balls here.
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