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A Relaxed Pace
  24th July, 2018
It's been a long long time since I did a bog standard Snake clone, and yesterday's code session reminded me of just how utterly simplistic a snake clone can be.

Today I'll be making the tail follow the player, as it currently doesn't clear out as it goes, making things much harder for the player. Once that works, I'll be adding more tail-pieces as the player eats more, and then coming up with a soundtrack that matches the presentation of the game.


Having posted the trailer* to GBATemp, I appear to have worried some of my slowly growing fanbase by the simplicity of a Generic Snake Clone, but I'm going to be pushing ahead with this game.

Just a few days ago, this post over on GBATemp made me realise that most people still think of "true homebrew" as bog standard Tetris, Snake and other such sorts of games.
AGameAWeek is definitely homebrew, but as anyone who takes the chance to play any of my games will tell you, it certainly tries not to be bland generic clones.

Hopefully, this week's Snake game will make it clear that AGameAWeek is something other than your typical homebrew, and that some people will enjoy the types of games that I generate.

* Note : This IS the trailer. I will not be changing this. This is the marketing for Generic Snake Clone!!


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