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Snake - 40%
  26th July, 2018
Not a huge amount of progress on the Snake game, since yesterday, or at least nothing major.
Today I need to start thinking about adding audio into the game. Blips and Bleeps would appear to be the most logical way to go, so I'll be using bsfxr as I usually tend to do.


bsfxr is an advanced version of Dr Petter's original sfxr. It runs in flash, so obviously doesn't work in most modern browsers, but thankfully the maker of bsfxr has included a Standalone version for Win and Mac on the site, which uses Adobe Air to run.

Blips and Beeps and more complicated sounds can all be magically generated at the push of a button, and if you play with it for more than a few minutes, you'll likely hear a whole bunch of sound-alikes from my various games over the years.

Today I'll have to tap it a few dozen times to find just the right beeps and boops for the Snake game, and then need to think about creating some kind of choonage for the background.
That, too, will need to be basic and plinky-plonky to fit into the graphical style of the game.

Should be fun!!

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