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Final Bits of a Snake
  29th July, 2018
Generic Snake Clone is almost complete.
A couple of tweaks, some screenshots, a bit of double-checking of a few things, then final compiles and I'll probably start doing the uploads..
It should be ready later today, but if not, assume I gave up when I had to try compiling the Mac version!!


The Mac's being a pain since recent updates, and my usual "Just Remote Desktop in, compile, then get out" method seems to be broken.
For some reason it's .. not working!
The PC and VNC can definitely see the Mac, and are definitely making some kind of connection as it at least asks for my password, but then..
A blank screen.

I'll probably end up having to do that 80's thing of actually sitting at a desk to do compiling.

Anyhoo, finishing off today.
Busy busy busy!!

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