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2nd August 2018
This week, RSKGames is one of very few players who've bothered to take a look at a bland and tasteless Generic Snake clone.

You can Download Generic Snake Game here


All the trailers, screenshots and the hype from the devlogs for the generic snake game might have confused the regular readers of the blog what is all the fuss about. I guess the hype was about the story in the generic snake game.


My take on the story. The player rides the snake to collect all the 10 dots somehow. When the snake collides the player is thrown out. After a few moments the player is asked to run like mad to avoid the falling volcanic rocks. No matter what after a few seconds a volcanic rock will definitely find the player's head. After which the players ghost needs to get out of the credits roll as soon as possible by collecting 5 hearts. After collecting the 5 hearts an ambulance takes the injured player safely to the hospital so that he can recover to play the next game in a week.

4 different gameplays in one game with very well matched background scores. Took a few plays to get what each segment's objective was. A totally unique AGAW game experience.

I've done this sort of thing, before!!
Way back in 2005, I made a game called Mouse Minute and people seemed to enjoy it, but I found it really hard to come up with a "plot" for a sequel. I knew it needed to be slightly more structured, but .. What to do?

It wasn't until 2008's The Heist that I tackled the plot-based minigame collection again, and it seemed to work out well enough that I decided to leave it be.

During the height of the Flappy Bird Clone bombardment, I decided to mashup the concept of "plot-minigames" with "Flappy Clone" with Every Good Bird Deserves Flappyness and people seemed to enjoy the way that that game worked out, but trying to get people to play "Generic Flappy Clone" was ludicrously difficult.
Having said that, the moment that people picked up on what the game really was, there was quite an interesting moment for the player.

And that's where we're up to, now. I've tried to make it as obvious as I can that the game is NOT a Generic Snake Clone, but I've also tried not to completely ruin the surprise, by popping really obvious signposts along the way.
I hope that people who DO bother to play it, do enjoy the game. But I know those players are going to be few and far between.

But that's ok.
This is a gift for people who care about AGameAWeek!

Thanks for bothering to play

You can Download Generic Snake Game here
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