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Skipped Week
  3rd August, 2018
In order to do a new Centipong justice, I need to add nice level transitions, mushroom popping, and other nice stuff. It could probably do with a number of ALChoons, too, to keep it lively.
As such, and given what day it is, tomorrow, I've decided to hold off on the game until next week, so I have ample time to do the game justice.

Hopefully you don't mind.


Today will be about gathering games, recording ingame footage, and hopefully getting a lot of stuff sorted in time for tomorrow.
The day kinda crept up on me. I'd added it to my calendar AGES ago, but mostly forgot about it, until just a few days ago.
Now I'm in a bit of a panic, trying to get everything organised.

I'm still not sure how organised it's going to end up, but I'm sure we'll find out tomorrow.

See you then!!

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