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10 Years Later
  3rd August, 2018

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You can Download the "Gold - 10" collection from itch.io. It has 11 games in it, one for each of the 10 years I've been doing this..!?!


A Decade

On 4th August 2008, I bought a brand new domain, and wrote the following

Welcome to A Game A Week.com

I'm pretty much already producing games at a fast enough pace, what with the Wednesday Workshop and all. So I figured I might as well get a bit of publicity out of it by adding a nice shiny noticeable domain name!

"A New Regime"

Although the initial plan kinda fell away after a while, I have at least continued to aim for AGameAWeek.
It's been 521 weeks since then, and what have I accomplished?


1. 282 downloadables
This is the number of releases I've made over the past decade, from 4th August 2004 up until 4th August 2018
It's certainly quite the list, and includes Flappadiddle, Geartography, Army of Flags, Platcross, Future Classics, Space Popcorn, and the entire SpikeDislike series!
Of course 282 is only really "AGameEveryOtherWeek", but that would be a very silly looking URL!

2. About 430 games
If you include the fact that 4 of the downloads are Advent Calendars, each with 26 games included, plus the whole bunch of games that I had to recently had to remove due to PlayMyCode.com shutting down, along with a handful of other minigame collections along the way, the grand total actually reaches just over 430.
Which is an awful lot of games!

3. Background Stuff
When I started the AGameAWeek.com blog, the blog numbered 59 pages.
There's now over 3,000 pages of blogginess, alongside the 1,300 daily platdude pixelarts, and 31 albums full of ingame music.

Over on OUYA I gained quite a following after I released 100 games onto the system, gaining myself the unique claim of "Most games on the entire system!"
.. And they weren't all garbage, either!


I've recently created my own C++ engine, and have started creating homebrew for 3DS. Some day I might even get around to moving up a level, and actually make "proper" games for 3DS. Who knows.
The Windows.exe flow continues uninterrupted, with recent games being fairly popular, and I've even started doing Mac and Linux games again, although I'm currently a bit annoyed that my iOS and Android targets aren't working.
But not to worry, another game is just around the corner.

I hope you can join me as I inexplicably continue to do what I've been doing for an entire decade, through high points and lows, and through sickness and health.. ( .. But mostly sickness!!)

Thanks for Playing

You can Download the "Gold - 10" collection from itch.io. It has 11 games in it, one for each of the 10 years I've been doing this..!?!

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