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More Tweaking
  10th August, 2018
Minor tweaks to the still untitled New Centipong, but nothing too interesting to bother to mention.
Mostly yesterday was a sidetracked day..


I've been wondering how best to do a collection of simple daily puzzles.
Would it work better as a downloadable game, or should I create a web-based thing?
And how on earth would it all integrate with the web?
And how would I handle scoring?

There's a lot of complications that keep it from being as easy a task as I'd like, but at the same time, the basic concept of how to get the different games randomised and working, all seems fairly simplistic.


I did a bit more of the blog scanning, fixing up old broken links and whatnot.
Yesterday was a rather unsettling trek, as I did blog pages 800 to 900.

Starting with 2011's fun work on finishing off NeonPlat Adventures..
The ultimately depressing bit where I ended up posting the finished game and then nobody played it..
Multiple posts about having neck cramp pains..
Saying goodbye to my dear cat Gabby..
Starting 2012's AGameAWeek with a bang...
Making oodles of iOS games..
Doing Really well, and feeling awesome (aside from the neck cramps)

... And then it all suddenly stops when I wind up in hospital with a brain tumour.

Yeah, not a great amount of stuff to read back!!
But it's all still in the blog, and if I can be bothered to add "Last post/Previous post" it'd be a lot easier to browse through.
I definitely need to do that..

This is the first blog post I'd made since I went into hospital. I've posted it as though I've previously posted about my drama, but ... Nope!
Apologies to anyone who happened to stumble upon that, at the time. Must've been quite a shock.

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