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Player Thoughts : Centipong Rebound
13th August 2018  
After each game's release I receive an influx of feedback from all of the one person who played it.

Let's see what @RSKGames thinks of the bouncy pods!

You can Download Centipong Rebound here.


Overview: I have not played any of the previous versions of the AGAW Centipong games but playing last years ''Rainbows Shooting from my Balls'' game I had an idea that it might be a very high paced experience. This Centipong game is a very intense fast paced game that can get over within 30 seconds if the player is not careful.


When I originally envisaged "Arcade Pong", I thought I'd have all manner of different games all bundled together, and you'd make your way through them.
I started with Centipede, and ... That's as far as I got!
I love the way Centipong feels, and if I'm honest, I've not yet found any way to make it better.
It is what it is!!

Gameplay: The mushrooms can both be a gift as well as a curse. If the player does not shoot the balls well between the mushrooms, a life will be surely lost hitting one the mushrooms. On the other hand the mushrooms serve as a rebounding targets for the centipongs to get a level over quickly. The more the mushrooms remaining at the end of the level more the points.

It's impossible to "manage" the mushrooms, as everything's far too chaotic to do that, but it's always fun to get that little extra bonus at the end of a round.

The only thing I didn't like is the automatic shooting of the ball when the player delays shooting the balls.

If you allow a Centipede to reach the far left of the screen, the pede will simply wander off.
If the player never shoots their ball, the game will just endlessly loop, with the player scoring a high mushroom bonus at the end of each level.
The ball-fire HAD to be added, or you could easily use that as a cheat!

The naming of the difficulty modes is very good. There could be a cool difficulty mode to ease in the players.

Finding the right difficulty in a Centipong game is quite a lot harder than it oughta be! The hardest part is when you're reduced to one little pod remaining, wandering around, and you're trying to hit the thing.
I think I managed to get the difficulty levels more or less varied enough, through Pede count and game speed.

I found that waiting for sometime till 2 centipongs are in the scene to shoot the ball if possible to get the chain reaction effect.

Chaos ensues

Graphics: The animated background in the menu is good. The Centipong movement is very well done. Liked the different states of degradation levels of the mushrooms. The background transition to green color when level is going to complete is very useful to focus on retrieving the ball safely.

The graphics haven't really changed much since the first game, but they were at least all redrawn from scratch, this time.
.. Not that anyone would really notice!

Overall a very fast paced and intense game.

Glad you enjoyed it!

You can Download Centipong Rebound here.

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