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JNKPlat Thoughts
  15th August, 2018
I think I've managed to write the new JNKPlat controller code in such a manner that the main menu can now have a fairly simple option to reconfigure them depending on your preferred controller.


Of course, I'm nowhere near ready to start building that main menu, yet, and I've no idea what form it might take.
Online highscores are next to useless, so will probably be scrapped in favour of online level editing, but then that requires hundreds/thousands of levels to be able to be sifted through, and that's really not going to be easy to keep track of.

I'm currently imagining having some kind of large sprawling grid, with a simple four-star display on each block. Select the block and the level information will pop up somewhere.
I think!
No idea if I can achieve that, though.

It's definitely going to be a tricky menu to make.

.... And I HATE making menus!!!

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