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Another Step in the Editor
  21st August, 2018
I can save TWO levels, now!

In fact, I can save four! Wowie!!


The four levels make up a "pack", and the game will work in packs of four as you play.
Pick a pack, play all four levels, earn a nice icon on the level select.

I'm still not 100% sure what that menu's going to look like, but I imagine it'll be somewhat similar to the JNKPlat DS 08 menu, as I liked the style of that one.
Anyway, you can now save your four levels. I next need to work out a nice way to make yourself more than one pack, and from there I need to actually design some test levels, get all the tiles working like they oughta, and then the hard part of building some actual proper levels that will go into the main mode.

Progress : About 5%!!!

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