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  23rd August, 2018
It's 1pm, already, and I've barely started my day.
Yet again, I did that thing where I stay awake writing the SoCoder Newsletter, "to give myself more time in the morning", but then am so tired that I end up spending all that "extra time" asleep.

Totally backfires...
... Every week!!


As such, there's nothing new to report on the game. The level loading has hit yet more silly complications, and I'm having to overhaul the way that it works.
Most of the issues are, again, on the 3DS side of things.
I'm hopeful, with all the file jiggery-pokery that I've been doing, that I haven't also gone and broke the regular game highscore saving, as the "combined in a single folder" functionality is important to these games.

That all has to be stress tested, and I then need to double check that older games are still compatible with the way I've tweaked everything.

It's certainly not been as simple a task as I intended.
I honestly thought, at the start of this framework, that I'd thought of everything. But the further I use it, the more the complications arise.

I can see why Mark Sibly keeps leaving behind his older languages, and starting again with fresh ones.
It's because, even with the most planned out methodology, there's always some stupid little issue that creeps up and breaks everything.

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